The house ball system "Be a Winner" is an excellent investment, made of sturdy urethane with Glow in the Dark and LED reflector effect, it convinces also by its appearance.

Thanks to the NGT Houseball, the time is over when the player does not fit his fingers into a ball down the weight of 11lbs. NGT has all the ball sizes (weights) in the comfort finger hole (European size), which greatly increases the comfort of play and reduces the fatigue of the hand. Thus, the player has a long time enjoying the bowling game, which in turn increases your sales ...

When choosing the right ball, your customers will benefit from the memorable color system and the large imprint of the weights.

Unlike the NGT "Be a Winner" Houseball, the NGT "FIRE BALL" has distributed several LEDs in the ball, which are activated by the vibration when putting the bowling ball on the track. A great effect for children's birthday parties or other events. Bring a whole new mood to your bowling center with the NGT "FIRE BALL" ...

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