Naturally, NGT also relies on modern modular pneumatic technology for the airOlift. High-strength slide bearings ensure years of low-maintenance continuous operation in your center.

Contrary to all other ball return systems on the market, the airOlift only needs energy when it is needed. Another unique feature is the operating voltage of only 24 volts for controlling the compressed air system of the airOlift.
The unique touch function identifies exactly when a ball is ready for transport.
This technology makes the airOlift the most energy efficient on the world bowling market.
By using the "brake stop" technology, the incoming balls are gently rolled into the transport mechanism. So we prevent the usual material fatigue in systems from other manufacturers.
Hood & Rack of Ballreturn allows an almost unlimited color design.
The free color scheme in all RAL colors, you can incorporate both Hood and Rack in the design of your center. For the production of the airOlift "Hood's" NGT only uses very robust materials.
The frame parts of the airOlift "Rack" can also be supplied in all RAL colors. The ball storage is made of high-strength stainless steel. This reduces the wear by the bowling balls to a minimum compared to the outdated powder coating or plastic inserts.

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