System halls

At bowling center foundations, buildings can be leased or purchased from an existing property. Another possibility is the construction of a new system hall in lightweight construction.


Interior design

Whether new construction or modernization, today's construction methods in the interior of a bowling center convince by a maximum of functionality and efficiency. Thorough planning is required before installing the drywall walls and ceilings.

Electrical engineering

In the field of electrical engineering, there are many peculiarities to be considered, it is a very complex project. In order to avoid problems later due to missing interfaces, sockets, connections, transfer points or inadequate lighting, we prepare in advance a certified building installation plan for your bowling center.


Info Sheet Electrical Engineering

Heating air conditioning

Especially in offices, restaurants or shops, a good room climate is the key. Ultimately, it significantly increases the quality of stay and contributes to the well-being of employees, guests and customers. We offer a powerful and extremely robust heating and air conditioning solutions. In addition to operational safety and high energy efficiency, the heating and air conditioning systems also impress with their ease of installation, easy operation, quiet operation and a wide range of Performance.

security technology

We are a certified company for the identification of escape routes in the bowling center according to DIN EN 60589-1, DIN EN 60589-2-22 and DIN 4844.
In addition, we create alarm systems for fires according to the BHE guideline for home alarm systems (HAA). House alarm systems are used to alert people inside bowling facilities to warn of a fire hazard. It is not a fire alarm system (BMA) in terms of the relevant standards (DIN VDE 0833-2 / DIN 14675 et al.).
In preventive fire protection our company is an expert company according to DIN 14406 T4 and bef. Pers. TRBS 1203 registered under the NR 1122.


Info sheet safety technology

Advertising technology

Advertising signs for the interior and exterior brings your message to the point and lead your visitors consistently to their destination. In the outdoor area you also often present yourself as a first impression. As a basis of a control system or as a stand-alone, they show where to go. Indoors, they are characterized by uncomplicated and time-saving updating of the paper-flexible label carriers. The different systems offer an extensive selection of appealing advertising signs with many functional and design details. Valuable materials such as aluminum, glass, stainless steel and acrylic as well as thought-out, yet simple technology ensure reliable orientation.
The better product starts with the better advice. With a trained eye for the environment, architecture and details, we design and develop NGT design products that exceed your expectations and convince your customers.
The result: eye-catching and at the same time emotional NGT offers you high-quality advertising systems, guidance systems and sign systems as well as displays and advertising materials for indoor and outdoor use. With digital wayfinding and digital signage, NGT is already showing where to go tomorrow and combines the classic signage systems with the possibilities of digital signage in an appealing way.

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