The modern bowling center has to combine appealing design and spectacular effect systems with robust, efficient technology - this vision was the starting point for the emergence of NGT Bowling.
In mid-2012, Mario Kilian (Bowlingbahn Technik Kilian) and Wilhelm Dekkers (D & K electronics) discovered that there was no supplier in the bowling industry who could handle this vision from a single source. However, just as the market structure changed from sports bowling to entertainment bowling, it was clear that a successful trade would always have to fulfill this vision.
Innovation as a trademark
The pinsetter is a key feature of any bowling lane. In 2012, however, the technologies were outdated. Waiting pinsetters every day with a development level from the 80s were the rule, so it was decided to do a new development. It should be robust and easy to use and maintain.
Also in the area of ​​the facilities we wanted to break new ground: contemporary design as well as spectacular lighting and sound entertainment.
Dekkers and Kilian decided to combine their potential: The former took over the development of a new, innovative pin board. Kilian dedicated himself to the task area of ​​the associated system components, furnishing and entertainment systems as well as the marketing. A new operational structure was required. Bowling Technik Kilian became NGT Bowling. A great enrichment in the following, busy and exciting time was Robin Dekkers, who supports the company since 2014.
In 2015, NGT Bowling finally presented a new, spectacular product line.
To combine the potential of the process at that time we have kept to booty. The assembly of the machinery in the Netherlands takes place, the associated system components, equipment and entertainment systems as well as the global sales are realized in Germany.
Decades of experience
The company Systemtechnik Kilian was founded in 1983 by Werner Kilian in a garage. The field of activity included the repair of Pinsetters and the associated components. In 1987, today's owner Mario Kilian joined the company. In 1988 he moved to a rented company building in Düren. In 1990, the first microprocessor controller for Pinsetter was developed. These controls have been supplied to numerous partner companies in the bowling industry. From 1991, the company started its own production of system components for bowling equipment. Due to the order situation an enlargement became necessary. Therefore, in 1995 a large residential and business building was acquired in Niederzier. From now on also complete lane systems could be produced. 1998 saw the first development and production of a scoring system for bowling equipment. Due to constant order growth, the move to a commercial area became necessary. So in 2007 they decided to build a new commercial building in Jülich. The transformation into NGT Bowling in 2014 again required an expansion. In 2017, a new commercial building was built in the immediate vicinity of the old location.
The company D & K electronic was founded in 1984 by Wilhelm and Wilma Dekkers and Rain Kuyer in the Netherlands. The idea was to develop and produce electronic billing systems for billiard sports. In the following years followed electromechanical products for shipping, evaluation systems for sporting events, polishing machines of billiard balls and the development and production of electronic darts. From 1987 they came in contact with the bowling sport. It started with the development and production of scoring systems. Due to the large sales, the production area had to be increased in 1989. A large commercial hall was built. In the following years, the company developed into the market leader in the Benelux countries and parts of Germany. Bowling became the main field for D&K electronics. In 2014, Robin Dekkers, son of founder Wilhelm Dekkers, joined the company to continue the business.
Meanwhile, the NGT Bowling consists of 21 employees - 21 professionals, which allow us to work completely without subcontractors. That makes us unique.
With Jörg Walterbach in 2016, we were able to gain a real luminary for our company. Over 20 years of sales and technical expertise in the national and international bowling business - these numbers speak for themselves. This bundled experience is at your disposal for the comprehensive planning of your project.

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