Interior design

As specialist planners, we are familiar with all regulations and DIN / EU standards. In our PDF Info Sheet you will learn more about our services in the field of interior design.

Thorough planning is required before installing drywall and ceilings. We advise you on the optimum layout and know the regulations and DIN standards that are important for drywall construction. This includes, in particular, compliance with the fire protection regulations, which are based on the building class.


Our qualified team takes care for the right execution. Especially when it comes to fire and sound insulation or the requirements for safe electrical installation in the drywall system, you benefit from our experience and expertise. Planning and execution - a task for the interior design professional.
Self-supporting or drop-off ceilings are suspended ceilings that are fixed to the walls. A suspension of the raw ceiling is therefore not essential.

Here you see the final result after completion under the system ceiling

Here you see the final result after completion of the interior work with installations

From picture 1 to 4 you can see the emergence of a NGT acoustic ceiling in system construction

From left to right, you can see the emergence of a NGT interior including built-ins, before and after

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