The airOsetter is the most operationally efficient rope pinsetter on the worldwide bowling market.
Its unique modular technology creates a minimum of operating costs and a maximum of enthusiasm.
The NGT-airOsetter combines the advantages of cable-guided and non-cable-guided machines and is the only rope-pinsetter with the case characteristics of a "free fall" pinsetter:

No rope tricks, making a pin count just by being touched by another one.
No falsified result by the contouring rope of the neighboring pin.
No pre-unraveling when pulling up the pins.
Entangled ropes that can only be released by hand are a thing of the past.
24 volt operating and control voltage

The shadow-free LED pin illumination with color change is part of our delivery and can be integrated into existing or new DMX lighting system controls.

The technology of the other rope pins on the market is based on a construction from the 80s. Problems such as distorted results by the contouring rope from the adjacent pin ... pre-unravel when pulling up the pins ... frequent knots that can only be solved by hand are not existent in the airOsetter.
Convince yourself and visit our showroom in Jülich, where you can experience all the benefits live.

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