Economy of an NGT entertainment bowling center

This statement of profitability is based on our experience over the last 5 years. We used the companies own NGT bowling center in Europe. Of course, these values ​​may vary in individual cases.
On average, every bowling lane is visited by around 3000 guests a year. Based on 360 days of operation, the average number of guests per day and lane should be 6-10 people.

On each day of operation, a bowling lane is rented on average at around 40%. With an average opening time of ten hours, this corresponds to an occupancy time of 4 hours. Opening hours are usually Monday -Thursday from 14:00 to 23:00 Friday + Saturday 14:00 to 02:00 and Sunday. From 10:00 to 23:00.

From 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm children's birthdays take place in most cases, so the target group is very young at this time.
Mon-Thurs From 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm, open bowlers like to bellow the facilities.
Fri + Sat From 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm, a very mixed target group of 30-70 years occupy the lanes. From 23:00 on the audience is much younger with 18-30 years. This audience uses the bowling as a starting point in a long party night.

Another clientele are companies that often use the center for team building events such as Christmas parties, anniversaries or customer care. On public holidays such as Easter and 6-8 weeks before Christmas, this type of corporate event will reach nearly 85% of course occupancy at the center.
In essence, there are three sources of revenue for an NGT Entertainment PRO 1:

Revenue from lane rent, revenues from the sale of food and drinks,
revenue on recreational play equipment such as billiards, air hockey and similar devices

With the NGT Entertainment PRO 2 further revenue can be considered:

Glow Golf Facilities
Laser Game Facilities
Escape Rooms
Further specific family entertainment facilities

Depending on location, size and type of operation, the other facilities of Entertainment PRO 2 concept may be quite interesting.

As you can see from the list below, NGT Entertainment PRO 1 bowling sales typically account for 45% of total revenue. If the facility has a NGT concept gastronomy, this is usually at least 45%, the rest is achieved by the leisure equipment.

With the almost maintenance-free NGT Bowling Technology staff and room costs are by far the most important operating costs. Both positions together add up to 40% to 50% of the total operating costs. If also ancillary rental and cleaning costs are included, the proportion is more than 55%. Typical for the sector is a net cold rent between 7, - and 10, - € per m².

In the case of an NGT Entertainment PRO 1, an average net revenue per guest of between 12 and 16€ from gastronomy and from leisure equipment 2 and 4€ can be achieved in total of these three revenue sources.
Based on a bowling lane, net sales between 50 and 80€ per day should be achieved, so in the minimum around
€ 24.000 net per year and lane.
The net rent per lane hour is typically from 18 to 30€.

Summed up net example of a 10 lanes NGT Entertainment Center PRO 1:
4 hours = per lane 65€
10 bowling lanes 65€ / day = 650€ per day
Rental income 360 ​​days per year = 234.000€
The gastronomic turnover is according to experience on average 80€ / day per lane,
10 bowling lanes 80€ / day = 800€ per day
Gastronomy - sales 360 days a year = 288.000€
Proceeds from leisure equipment transferred to a bowling alley, 6€ per lane
10 bowling lanes 8€ / day = 80€ per day
Equipment - sales on 360 days a year = 28.800€

Cost of the bowling center:
Personnel costs At a 10 lanes center  55.000€
Total operating costs 45.000€
Administrative costs 10.000€
Rent or removal 96.000€
Proceeds from bowling gastronomy and leisure equipment 550.800€

Gross profit before tax 344.800€

This presentation of profitability is based on past experience. Of course, these values ​​may vary in individual cases. We do not guarantee this sample calculation!

Profitability calculation as PDF

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