NGT - NGT Scoring PRO II and the NGT Center Manager Pro Plus II a strong team ...
The newly developed NGT scoring system PRO-II was specially developed for the now very important "Openbowler". So with the new NGT keyboard and the almost self-explanatory usability, it's a fantastic tool to extend your customer's stay in the center. In addition to countless animations in 3D for Strike, Spare, Miss, Gutter, etc., it also has 14 games (Gems, Helicopter, Race, etc.) ready for your customers. So you are well prepared for every game group - from children's birthday to company and group events.
Even the completely new Center Manager Pro-Plus II leaves nothing to be desired in the management area of ​​a modern bowling center. Among other things, the package includes a cloud online reservation, a center game and an advertising module, which can be booked at any time. To ensure operation and keep your software up to date, we also offer low cost service contracts.

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