Change of time

When bowling came to Europe, bowling was played in halls that hardly produced any atmosphere. Interior design concepts as well as a dignified interior were of no importance at that time. The bowling lanes were placed in the dark basement floors that were difficult to rent out. In addition, instead of a bright living environment, emphasis  was set more on neon light. The colorful highlight was the graphic mask (machine room partition), which was covered with colorful printed pictures. The score was done at that time by a game captain on an overhead projector. The running surfaces of the bowling alleys were still made of wood at that time and had to be sanded at intervals and painted.
At the beginning of the nineties, bowling became more and more known in Europe. It attracted plastic treads that reacted to black light "Glow in the Dark" and automatic computer scoring systems in the bowling halls. The moonlight bowling was born. Later, the airbrush design made a brief appearance in the bowling center. After a few years, however, the customers had been fed up with the usually extremely colorful themed bowling facilities. Slowly the change began, away from the pure bowling center to the entertainment center. The sporty nature of bowling lost more and more importance. The Open Bowler was and is the most important customer in the center.
Now, a bowling center with plastic seating, as we have known for many decades, is unthinkable. Today, the interplay of the lane system with sound, light and an overall architectural concept is the main component of a functioning and successful bowling center. NGT Bowling makes use of the many years of experience of its employees and offers you not only a bowling machine for the highest demands, but everything you need for a functioning bowling center of the next generation. NGT accompanies you from beginning to end. Ideas, planning, execution - NGT is your partner and ensures that your concept works.

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